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Discover the Magic of Remodelling and Upcycling

Hey there, fellow jewellery enthusiasts! We’re your friendly neighbourhood jewellers right here in Torbay, Auckland - a small family business with a big passion for transforming old, loved and unloved, broken gold jewellery into brand new jewellery that you love for a lifetime.

What’s Hiding in Your Drawer?

Maybe you’ve got a drawer (or even a fancy velvet box) where you stash away your gold jewellery. Some of it might be heirlooms passed down from Aunt Mildred, others from previous relationships (we won’t ask for details!), and a few were gifts that never quite hit the mark. And then there are those pieces you once loved but now rarely wear. Or a single earring that has lost it's mate, or a broken, battered, once loved piece. There may also be beloved pieces that belonged to family who have passed, but they are not pieces you would wear. Sound familiar?

The Dilemma

Now, what do you do with this collection of gold treasures? You could leave them lingering in the drawer OR bring them to us and have us transform them into something spectacular. In other words - remodelling!

It's basically like giving your old gold jewellery a makeover. Think of it as a style evolution. We take that pendant you inherited (which, let’s be honest, was last in vogue when bell-bottoms ruled the world) or that ring from a past life and breathe new life into it. We can also re-use any diamonds that are in the pieces you no longer want, but other stones, such as emeralds or sapphires, might be too scratched to re-use - we can check them and let you know.

Why Remodel?

Sentimental Value: These stored away pieces carry stories - of love, laughter, and maybe a few tears. By remodelling, you preserve that sentimental connection while giving it a modern twist.
Gold Is Gold: Whether it’s a bit scratched or tarnished, gold remains gold. Its intrinsic value endures, making it a timeless investment. It makes great financial sense, as remodelling old gold into new jewellery is a relatively inexpensive way of obtaining a piece of jewellery that you have always dreamed of but didn’t think you could afford.
Your Creative Playground: Got a vision? Maybe you’ve always wanted a custom-designed pendant with your birthstone. Remodelling lets you play designer. Maybe you just fancy a simple gold bangle - whatever it is, we can melt down the gold and transform it to a piece you will love again.
Sustainability + Style = Win-Win
By choosing remodelling, you’re not only creating something beautiful but also being eco-conscious. 

Ready to turn your dream into reality? Contact us for a FREE no-obligation one-hour design consultation. Our studio is in Torbay, Auckland, and we’d love to meet you to discuss creating your dream jewellery. Give us a call at 021 184 6467.

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