Decembers birthstones

What are December’s birthstones?

turquoise baby birthstone forDecember Blue topaz December baby bangle

For many Kiwis, December is all about the long-awaited arrival of summer, the festive spirit of the holiday season, and spending time with family and friends. However, there’s one more thing that the jewellery-savvy among us associate with December: blue birthstones. 

While every month has its own unique gemstone, December is particularly special in that it lays claim to three (or four, depending on who you talk to!) beautiful birthstones. Whether you’re thinking about picking up a custom New Zealand-made piece of jewellery for your own collection, or looking for a thoughtful gift for your favourite December baby, we’ve got the scoop on everything you need to know about December’s birthstones:
Tanzanite: Named after the only place in the world where it can be found, Tanzania, tanzanite is prized for its rarity and intriguing deep-blue colour. It’s important to note that tanzanite is a relatively frail gemstone, and thus should always be worn and cleaned with caution.
Perennially on trend, turquoise is sought after not only for its colour, but also for its purported mystical qualities. The Aztecs believed the stone to have holy properties, while Native Americans held that turquoise had the power to bridge the gap between sky and sea. Regardless of what the gemstone means to you, there’s no denying that sterling silver turquoise jewellery can lend a sense of energy and style to any outfit.
Commonly mistaken for cubic zirconia, zircon is in fact the original diamond simulant. It comes in many different colours, though it’s the blue gemstones (typically produced via heat treatment) that are most closely associated with the month of December.
Blue topaz:
In years gone by, the lovely tundra-blue gemstone was not considered a traditional birthstone, but thanks to its growing popularity blue topaz has rightfully earned its place alongside its blue brethren as a December birthstone. Perhaps due to its soothing hue, blue topaz is often thought to allay fears, relieve sadness and help the wearer relax. Check out our blue topaz sterling silver jewellery collection for more inspiration!