Valentine's day cheat sheet


For S/O's who just can't take a hint

YES, Valentine’s Day is mostly a capitalist invention.

YES, it’s silly to pretend that February 14 is the only day we show our appreciation for our significant other.

YES, we tell our partners there’s no need to buy us anything.

But will we be annoyed if we don’t get anything on Valentine’s Day?
You betcha.

Do you have someone in your life who can’t read between the lines? Someone who likes to say “I don’t believe in Valentine’s Day”? Someone who wholeheartedly believes that the words you utter are a true representation of what you actually mean?

This article is for that person.

‘Accidentally’ send them this article, subtly leave the page open on their phone, print it out and stick it to their big, dumb, unintuitive forehead.
This is the ultimate Valentine’s Day cheat sheet for unimaginative partners who just can’t take a hint.

Where and what to eat

You’ve basically got three options:

1. Dinner at a restaurant

romantic dinner

The safe option. Take your partner out to a cosy restaurant and enjoy an intimate meal together without all the usual distractions. Make it special by avoiding going to your regular haunts, but be sure to read up on the reviews before committing to anything. Bonus points if you opt for somewhere that specialises in shared dishes (think tapas, yum cha, etc). Double bonus points if you organise the babysitter.

Don’t forget to make a reservation well in advance - it is Valentine’s Day, after all.

2. Cook dinner at home

dinner at home

There’s a definite element of risk involved with cooking a Valentine’s Day dinner, but pull it off and it’ll be more memorable than any old restaurant meal could be. Light some candles, put on some music and show your loved one that you do, in fact, know your way around the kitchen.

Do note that while you are trying to impress your S/O, this isn’t the time to experiment with some newfangled dish you saw Jamie Oliver whip up on YouTube. Make the night a successful one (and keep the Gordon Ramsay swearing to a minimum) by sticking to a meal you know you can cook well.

Don’t forget the wine.

3. Picnic


It’s a bit of a cliche, but the Valentine’s Day picnic is always a winner. Pack up the picnic basket, rug up with a blanket at the park or beach and snuggle up under the stars. Logistical difficulties mean that snacks are usually more practical than a fully fledged meal. Cheese, crackers, dips, cold cuts of meats, chocolate and wine are all winners.

TIP: Check the weather forecast a couple days in advance.

What to wear

shirts SSJ

You don’t need to dust off the tux or go out and buy a new outfit, but dressing up a little is a nice touch and can make the night that much more special, regardless of what you plan on doing.

Men: A well-fitting button-up, shirt nice jeans, belt and (matching, ideally) dress shoes. Complete the look with a watch and take things to the next level with a pair of NZ-made sterling silver cufflinks.

Things to avoid: Garish colours, excessively baggy clothing, faded jeans, printed T-shirts, work attire, sportswear, hats, ties.

Women: Pretty much anything you want. Top it off with a chunky sterling silver necklace or other statement piece.

What to buy

While you don’t have to buy anything on Valentine’s Day to show your loved one how much they mean to you, a small, thoughtful gift is always appreciated.


hot air ballooning

If you’re in tune with what your S/O does and doesn’t like, buying your partner an experience is an excellent gift idea. Some good experiential gifts include:

  • Day spa
  • Massage
  • Tickets to an event
  • Hot air balloon flight
  • Helicopter ride
  • Bungee jump
  • Skydive

~ Flowers


Flowers are the ultimate Valentine’s Day cliche, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t get them - just be careful about your selection. Red roses are a romantic classic but are somewhat unimaginative, lilies smell incredible but are highly toxic to cats, and chrysanthemums are wonderfully vibrant but are known as the Flower of Death in some European countries.

If your S/O is more of a visual person, look for bright, lush flowers. On the other hand, if your partner’s more into smelly stuff, lean toward fragrant options. Either way, stand around the florist shop looking confused for long enough and someone will take pity on you and help you choose.

~ Jewellery
romantic silver pendant peridot heart earrings Amethyst heart earrings

Sure, we’re a little (okay, a lot) biased, but jewellery ALWAYS makes for a hit Valentine’s Day gift. High quality pieces will last you more or less forever, and stand as a timeless reminder of the strength of your relationship.

What design should you choose? We’ve made your life super easy by putting together a collection of sterling silver pieces specifically for Valentine’s Day.

Still not confident? Give us a call on 09 473 5299 and we’ll talk you through your partner’s tastes and help you pick out something they’ll LOVE. For even greater peace of mind, we offer full refunds on all online purchases returned within 14 days. Check here for details.

~ Scarf


If you’re confident that you know your partner’s tastes in patterns and fabrics, consider gifting them a Valentine’s Day scarf. Shopping for a scarf is easier than just about every other type of clothing because there are no sizing issues involved. There’s a huge range of options in terms of material but, generally speaking, you can’t go wrong with silk in warm climates and cashmere in colder climates.

~ Perfume


As with anything subjective, there’s some risk involved here - what if your partner simply doesn’t like the scent? On top of that minefield, you also don’t want to simply replace a depleted fragrance (too utilitarian), you don’t want to pick a scent that one of his/her friends wears (too imitative) and you definitely don’t want to choose anything that reminds you or your partner of relatives, work colleagues or exes (too weird).

Tread carefully.

What not to buy

Whoever said ‘it’s the thought that counts’ obviously never tried to gift their significant other a vacuum cleaner. Here are ten gifts you should never, under any circumstances, give to your partner on Valentine’s Day:
  • Any sort of kitchen appliance: impersonal and implies they should cook for you.
  • Any sort of cleaning product: nope.
  • A gym membership: one way ticket to sleeping on the couch.
  • Gift cards: it’s like money, but less versatile.
  • Clothes: God help you if you get them a size too big. Or too small. Just... don’t buy clothing.
  • Self-help books: Point out your S/O’s flaws, in text form!
  • A pre-made gift basket: Impersonal and usually full of junk.
  • Spanx: You know what your body needs? Artificial contouring.
  • Anything you can find at Bunnings: Faucets, anyone?
  • Something they need: Necessary household items are not romantic gifts. Nuff said.
So, there you have it, a step-by-step guide on how to make February 14 a romantic day to remember. Now get out there and enjoy Valentine’s Day, you Casanova, you