The tree of life

tree of life silver earrings

Striking the perfect balance between class and Bohemia, tree of life sterling silver jewellery is a perennial favourite here at SilverStone Jewellery.

Many people are drawn to the design for its stylish simplicity, yet few are familiar with the spiritual significance the sacred motif carries.

Where did the tree of life originate?

References to the tree of life can be found in stories, folklore, myths and legends dating back thousands of years. It’s important to note that no single culture or belief system can lay exclusive claim to the tree of life - its presence is felt in just about every major culture around the world.

How do different cultures interpret the tree of life?

Given its ubiquity, perhaps it isn’t too surprising that there’s no single definition of what the tree of life actually means. In Ancient Egypt, for instance, the tree of life represented the sequence of events involved in the genesis of the universe. Different parts of the tree of life came to stand for order, process and the method of creation.
References to the tree of life can be found throughout North America, the Middle East, Islam, Hinduism and more. While the exact significance it holds within these cultures varies, it’s typically related to life, goodness, immortality or fertility.
For some people the tree of life jewellery is a direct representation of trees themselves and therefore can signify life itself, giving not only fruits and berries, nuts and flowers, but also the very oxygen we breathe.
Does the meaning of the tree of life resonate with you? Simply love its alternative look? Whatever your reason, be sure to check out our extensive range of beautiful sterling silver tree of life jewellery so that you can carry a tree of life with you wherever your journey may lead.