Engagement Rings

Every engagement requires two things: a thoughtful proposal and a beautiful ring.

amethyst heart engagement ring

We can’t help you organise a string quartet or a bed of roses or whatever else you have planned for when it comes time to pop the question (sorry!), but we can you help create a stunning custom designed engagement ring that will melt your partner’s heart.

As a small, local business, we’re proud to offer our clients an intimate and personal experience from beginning to end, and a service to suit every budget. Every relationship is special in its own way, and we’re dedicated to crafting engagement rings that symbolise the unique bond you share with that special someone.

Send us an email at lori@silverstonejewellery.co.nz, give us a call on 021184647 or book an appointment to come into our North Shore jewellery studio to discuss your plans. We can’t wait to work with you!

Understanding the engagement ring design process

 solitaire diamond engagement ring SilverStone Jewellery  

Perhaps the biggest benefit of opting for a custom engagement ring rather than a store-bought variant is that it can be handcrafted to your exact specifications. If you have a clear picture in your head of what you want the ring to look like, there’s every chance that we can help you bring your vision to life and create a timeless piece of jewellery that is unique in every sense of the word.

Of course, not everyone has an engagement ring design drawn up in their head - and that’s where Alex comes. With more than 30 years of experience to draw from, master jeweller Alex is an endless source of design ideas and inspiration, and will guide you through the process of creating a ring that tells the story of the love you and your partner share.

What steps are involved in creating a handmade engagement ring?

handmade sapphire and diamond platinum engagement ring SilverStone jewellery

The journey to crafting the perfect engagement ring is different for everyone, but a rough blueprint of the process might look something like this:

  1. Book a consultation with us.
  2. Start collecting images of ring designs you like (Pinterest never fails to deliver!).
  3. During your consultation, we’ll explore these images, discuss you and your partner’s tastes and incorporate various design elements into one single ring design.
  4. You decide on the metals (yellow gold, white gold, platinum, and the caratage of the metal).
  5. You decide on the gemstones (diamonds are classic, of course, but there are other options).
  6. We take your ring size and a deposit for security.
  7. Our master jeweller handmakes your engagement ring, a process that typically takes about four weeks.
  8. You have the option to have your ring independently valued by GemLab.
  9. You come and collect your fabulous new ring!

Where can I get a custom engagement ring in Auckland?


Conveniently located on Auckland’s North Shore, the SilverStone Jewellery studio features a fully equipped workshop and is open by appointment 10am-4pm Monday to Friday, plus most Saturdays 10 - 2pm. Our master jeweller, Alex, is a fully qualified goldsmith jeweller and has been creating stunning engagement rings for happy couples for more than 30 years. Make an appointment by giving us a call on 021 184 6467 or emailing us at lori@silverstonejewellery.co.nz.

Every love story is different. We take immense pride in playing a small role in that story as our clients take their first steps into a new chapter of their lives.

Congratulations once again!