Customers Stories

Remodelling beloved rings - into even more beloved

remodelling gold rings to fabulous

Get unique insight into the custom jewellery making process in this case study of a very special remodelling project read more >>>

Dream ring and remodelling

channel set gold ring remodelled from old gtold

Jane loves jewellery. Over the years she has collected many pieces from our silver range and also has had rings remodelled and a dream ring created fro her special birthday, read more >>>

A life of passion and purpose and a custom designed sapphire ring

sapphire and diamond handmade engagement ring custom made engagement ring

Rui had a beautiful story that he wanted told in the ring that he designed for the love of his life, read more >>>

Mark and Emma - a perfect match

with this ring I thee wed SilverStone Jewellery

When the right two people meet and fall in love, it can all happen quite quickly. Read about their story and the ring of the dreams. Read more >>>

Engagement and wedding - a story of love

white gold engagement ring

Steve unbeknownst to me requested my engagement ring be ready for Valentines Day and SilverStone Jewellery were fantastic in making this a priority. I never dreamed my engagement ring would be this beautiful and perfect. Read more >>>

Lydia and Steve