Remodelling gold jewellery

Fashion is fleeting, styles come and go and our sentimental ties to a piece of jewellery may change over time.

Fortunately, your gold jewellery can evolve with your tastes.


Gold is an incredibly resilient and malleable metal, which means that it’s possible to remodel all your old gold jewellery into contemporary pieces that you’ll fall in love with all over again.

Whether you’re in possession of a long-forgotten bracelet, estate jewellery or wedding rings from an old relationship, our jewellery remodelling services can help breathe new life into your old gold pieces.

No matter the condition of your jewellery or the caratage of the gold, SilverStone Jewellery can revitalise all your gold jewellery and transform it into something beautiful. Conveniently located on Auckland’s North Shore, we offer a free consultation and advice service at our fully equipped studio workshop. Send us an email at or give us a call on 021 184 6467 for a no-obligations chat about your options.

Why would I remodel my gold jewellery?

old fashioned garnet ring remodelled gold gearnet ring

There are many advantages to recycling your gold jewellery, including:

  • Cost benefit: You are providing us with some or all of the raw materials (including gold, diamonds and other gemstones) required to make the new piece, which can reduce production costs substantially and allow us to pass those savings onto you!
  • Sentimental value: Many of us have a piece of jewellery that carries emotional significance but is perhaps stylistically outdated. Redesigning such jewellery is a thoughtful way to retain sentimental value while bringing the piece more in line with current design trends.
  • Modernise old pieces: Not all jewellery designs are timeless. We can redesign your engagement ring and other gold pieces to reflect your tastes in the here and now.

What type of jewellery can be remodelled?

what carat of gold

Just about any type of solid or gold jewellery (not plated gold, sorry!) can be remodelled. This might include:

  • Old jewellery
  • Broken jewellery
  • Estate jewellery
  • Engagement rings and wedding rings from old relationships
  • Single earrings that you’ve kept after losing the other one

Please note that this is far from an exhaustive list, and just about any gold ring, earring, bracelet, necklace, brooch or pendant can be used in the redesign process No matter if your gold is 9ct, 14ct, 18ct or something in between, there’s every chance that we’ll be able to transform it into something beautiful.

How can I redesign my gold jewellery?

Old gold rings missing diamonds Modern gold cluster ring
  1. Gather together all your bits of gold jewellery, including pieces that are broken, dirty, dusty and neglected. Gold of any caratage and condition can be used for remodelling.
  2. Make an appointment for a free consultation.
  3. We test each piece of jewellery to verify the quality and caratage of the gold.
  4. We weigh the gold to give you a better idea of how much raw material you have and what you might be able to make with it.
  5. If you require additional gold and/or gemstones to create your design, we can use some of our own materials to ‘top up’ your resources.
  6. Working together with you, we’ll draw up a design for your new piece of jewellery.
  7. Once you’re happy with the design, we provide you with a quote and an estimation of how long the work will take.
  8. We remove any gemstones, melt down the gold and start work
  9. We’ll keep you up to date throughout the process and bring you in for a final fitting if required.
  10. The finished piece of jewellery is valued independently by GemLab
  11. You collect your remodelled piece of gold jewellery from our North Shore studio.
  12. You fall in love with your jewellery all over again!

Where can I remodel my gold jewellery in Auckland?


With a history of designing and manufacturing jewellery spanning more than 30 years, SilverStone Jewellery’s master jeweller, Alex, has a proven track record of transforming gold into brilliant pieces.

Our fully equipped studio workshop is located on Auckland’s North Shore and is open by appointment from 9am-7pm Monday to Saturday. Book your free consultation today by sending us an email at or calling us on 021 184 6467.

As a small local business, we’re deeply invested in our clients. We always strive to redesign gold jewellery that is high quality, visually striking and an extension of your unique story. We look forward to working with you.