Symbolic koru jewellery

 koru pendant made in NZ

From Auckland’s Sky Tower to the iconic Kiwi bird, New Zealand is a country packed with more symbolic imagery than you can shake a silver fern at. Another emblem that has rightfully come to represent Aotearoa is the koru.

What is the koru?

The koru is a spiral shape inspired by the form of an unfurling silver fern frond. Some believe that the koru symbolises growth, peace and new beginnings, while others hold that its balanced shape represents a state of harmony in life. Regardless of what it means to you, the koru is a quintessential part of New Zealand culture, and its imagery can be found in countless pieces of our art: including carvings, tattoos and jewellery.

When was koru first worn as jewellery?

Incorporating koru into jewellery design is not a modern idea. In fact, Maori may have been wearing koru pendants for hundreds of years. Traditionally carved from bone, these pendants would change colour when worn on the skin, due to the bone absorbing oil from the skin. This transformation symbolised a part of the pendant wearer becoming inextricably connected to the koru. Even today, when gifting koru, it is custom to wear it for a period of time so that your spirit may properly infuse with the pendant .

What occasions are good to give a gift of koru jewellery?

  • When you are looking for a tasteful souvenir
  • To gift to your son or daughter heading overseas on their OE
  • For a new mother who has just had her first baby
  • As a graduation gift
  • To gift to yourself at the start of a new career or new adventure in life 
  • A special gift for an 18th or 21st birthday - symbolic of the child becoming an adult

Where can you buy koru jewellery in New Zealand?

There are countless places to purchase koru jewellery in New Zealand, at SilverStone Jewellery, a proudly New Zealand family owned and run company, we take great pride in both our products and our country’s culture.
The culmination of quality materials and artisan craftsmanship, all our koru jewellery is a careful balance of traditional symbolism and contemporary design. The end result? Beautiful pieces of sterling silver jewellery that are loaded with cultural and historical significance.
koru shell earrings silver koru pendant 925 silver koru ring

If you are wanting to purchase koru jewellery for a gift or if you would simply like to carry a piece of New Zealand with you on your skin wherever you go, get in touch with SilverStone Jewellery on 09 473 5299.