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June's birthstones - pearl, moonstone and alexandrite

Got a birthday in June? Find out more about the stones and gemstones that are the birthstones for this month. Read more >>>

moonstone pendant June birthstone

June 2017

Platinum vs white gold: What's the difference?

platinum engagement wedding set

May 2017

Thinking to get a special occasion custom-made ring and can't decide between white gold and platinum?
Get the lowdown on the pros and cons by reading more here >>>

How can I measure my ring size at home?

ring sizing SilverStone Jewellery

March 2017

We reveal the indisputably best way to measure your ring size at home. Read more >>>

My white gold is turning yellow! What's the deal?!

rhodium plating

February 2017

White gold isn't actually white! Here's why. Read more >>>

Take better care of your jewellery in just 8 steps


taking care of jewellery

February 2017

Keep your jewellery safe from harm with these 8 tips, read more>>>

February birthstone: Amethyst

silver amthyst koru pendant

February 2017

Ever wanted to learn more about the gorgeous birthstone for February? Read more>>>

Valentine's day cheat sheet for S/O’s who just can’t take a hint


February 2017

Does your partner need a little guidance when it comes to Valentine's Day? We've got just the thing.

What's the difference between 9ct, 14ct, 18ct and 24ct gold?

what carat of gold

January 2017

A guide to understanding what each of the different golds are, what they are used for and why. Read more>>>

Top 5 most expensive celebrity engagement rings of 2016

getting engaged

January 2017

Who had the most expensive engagement ring of 2016? We reveal all! Read more>>>

5 places you should never wear your silver jewellery

seahorse earrings Silver ring silver HEART PENDANT

January 2017

We know you love your silver jewellery and want to wear it all the time, but did you know there are times when it shouldn't be worn? Read more >>>

What's the difference between a jeweller and a setter?

diamond  ring to set

January 2017

Ever wondered why most jewellers don't like to do their own setting? Answers inside! >>>

3 things to look out for when getting your jewellery valued


diamond ring

January 2017  

An in-depth look at the jewellery valuation process and a few things you should always keep in mind when getting your pieces appraised. Read more >>>

January's birthstone: Unravelling the meaning behind garnets

garnet earrings

garnet pendant

garnet ring

January 2017

Ah, January, the time for fresh starts, New Year’s resolutions and a very special gemstone. Read on to learn more about the history and mystical protective powers of January’s birthstone, garnet. Read more >>>

Help! My rings suddenly don't fit!

My ring is too tight

cutting off tight ring

ring cut off by Auckland jeweller

December 2016

What should you do when your ring suddenly doesn’t fit? We have the answers! Read more >>>


The bold and the bluetiful: December’s birthstones

PP346 turquoise filigree meditation pendant

EP219 blue topaz earrings N

Turquoise stud earrings

November 2016

Tanzanite, turquoise, zircon and blue topaz - oh my! Get the lowdown on December’s four - yes four - birthstones. Read more >>>

Sacred and Beautiful: Introducing the tree of life

tree of life pendant

Tree of life earrings

July 2016

Chic and spiritual, check out the true meaning behind our tree of life pieces. Read more >>>

What does koru jewellery symbolise?

koru pendant made in NZ

May 2016

The koru is a fundamental part of New Zealand art and culture. Find out how it inspires our jewellery. Read more >>>

Gallipoli, Dog Tags and a Miracle

April 2015

Get a behind-the-scenes look at how we helped a client recreate his grandfather’s World War I dog tags. A very special project. Read more >>>

What can I do with my old gold jewellery?

March 2015

It’s a question we get asked a lot.

For all sorts of reasons it’s possible to end up with gold jewellery that you don’t like and never wear. Read more >>>

Why is my white gold ring looking dull?

 March 2015

Short answer - the plating is rubbing off.

When you think of gold, you naturally think of yellow gold, glinting in the sun, reflecting the light. In fact gold can be many colours, including white. Read more >>>