White gold ring looks dull?

Short answer - the plating is rubbing off.

When you think of gold, you naturally think of yellow gold, glinting in the sun, reflecting the light. In fact gold can be many colours, including white

White gold jewellery – desirable, beautiful, sparkling. It has been used to make jewellery since the early 1900’s, becoming more popular with each passing decade. It is a metal of beauty and value that is extremely popular for engagement ringsweddings bands and other special occasion jewellery.
White gold is created by fusing palladium (and a touch of copper) with yellow gold.

What is palladium? 

Palladium is a white metal from the platinum family of metals. It is silvery white, fairly rare and has a high melting point. When mixed with yellow gold it creates white gold – science is magic!

The processes required to create white gold mean that it has a higher value than yellow gold, however most people choose white gold for its look rather than thinking about what it might value at.

Why does white gold jewellery get rhodium plated? 

White gold jewellery is almost always rhodium plated to give it a fabulous sparkle finish. That across the room sparkle that we love!
Rhodium is another member of the platinum family – it is also silvery white and has a highly reflective, hard finish that adds both sparkle and durability to your jewellery.
The biggest thing to consider when choosing to have jewellery made with white gold is that the rhodium plating finish will need to be redone every 2 - 4 years. If it is a ring that you wear all the time, it will need to be done more often.
Pendants and earrings usually don’t need plating quite so often, partly because you might not wear them as often as a ring but also because they are not rubbing against something when you do wear them.
You will know it’s time to get your white gold jewellery re-rhodium plated because it will start to look a little dull and lack-lustre.

How can I get my white gold jewellery rhodium plated? 

Give us a call or email us we’d be glad to help. We do rhodium plating on-site at our fully equipped jewellery workshop. Prices start from around $55 depending on the size of the piece that needs plating. It usually takes 2 – 4 days, but do let us know if you need it quicker – we’ll try our best to help.