June's birthstones - pearl, moonstone and alexandrite

Those born in the month of June are spoiled for choice when it comes to gemstone jewellery, because the sixth month of the year is associated with three birthstones: pearl, moonstone and alexandrite.
Subtle and classy, the gentle, iridescent tones of these gemstones work well with many types of jewellery and complement just about any outfit. Best of all, with a range of price points to suit all budgets, there’s every reason to add a piece of June birthstone jewellery to your collection.


pearl earrings June birthstone
While pearls most commonly feature a shiny, creamy hue, they can also be found in shades of black, grey, yellow, blue, green and purple. Formed naturally within the protective shell of an oyster or clam, pearls have been used in jewellery for thousands of years. In fact, the oldest known pearl jewellery was found in the sarcophagus Persian Princess who died in 520 B.C., according to the American Gem Society.
Once only accessible to emperors and other members of royalty, pearls have become steadily more affordable thanks to the cultured pearl industry, which was established in the early 1900s and has since become a reliable and sustainable source of pearls. Now, pearl jewellery is a staple piece in every discerning woman’s jewellery box. Whether it’s a pair of sterling silver pearl earrings or a flowing pearl necklace, this gemstone can add a sense of style and grace to any ensemble.


June birthstone earrings moonstones moonstone earrings silver

Lunarlike in shape and colour, moonstone was once thought be formed from moonbeams and throughout history was associated with various lunar deities. The gemstone was commonly used in jewellery in ancient Roman and Greek societies, while in Indian mythology moonstone was reputed to bring blissful dreams to the owner.
The ethereal vibes of this gemstone lives on in modern sterling silver jewellery. From moonstone earrings to pendants and everything in between, the lunar gem continues to lend a sense of beautiful mystique to any piece of jewellery in which it is imbued.


Exceedingly rare (and with a price tag to match), Alexandrite is the least well known of June’s birthstones and is thought to be named after Alexander II. Blessed with a unique colour that appears sparkling green by day and fiery violet by night, the gem was highly sought after in Russia and England during the late 1800s and early 1900s.
With natural deposits of the gemstone becoming increasingly scarce (and beyond the financial reach of most consumers), most alexandrite jewellery features a synthetic stone. Regardless, there’s no denying that alexandrite jewellery makes for a superb gift for anyone born in the month of June.