Help! My rings suddenly don't fit!

Ever had that sinking feeling when you realise you can't get your rings off?

It can be a bit of a shock to wake up one morning and find that the same rings you’ve worn for years and years suddenly don’t fit.

The good news is that your rings aren’t necessarily destined to live out the rest of their days in the dark, dusty corners of your jewellery box.

Affordable ring resizing services in Auckland can customise your rings so that they may once again perfectly fit the contours of your fingers, and give renewed life to your beloved jewellery.

Resize your rings with Auckland jeweller
This will undoubtedly come as good news to all owners of spontaneously ill-fitting rings, but what exactly causes this phenomenon? Let’s check out some of the possible causes of why your rings suddenly don’t fit:

1. Weight gain:

In a world of delicious temptations, it’s all but inevitable that you gain a bit of weight on your journey through life. Naturally, this adds more mass to every part of your body - including, yes, your fingers! Your rings may also become tighter if you’ve started developing more muscle in your fingers as the result of, say, lifting weights or working manual labour jobs.

2. Weight loss:

Conversely, if you’ve lost weight in recent months, you might have noticed that your rings are a little looser. Get in touch with your local North Shore jeweller and find out what your resizing options are.

3. Pregnancy:

As all mothers can attest to, pregnancy tends to swell up parts of the body in all sorts of weird and wonderful ways. Thankfully, there’s a high chance that your fingers will go back down to regular size after the little one arrives and you’ll be able to wear all your fabulous rings once again.

4. Humidity/temperature change:

You may notice your rings get a little tighter in hot and humid weather. What responsible for this? Well, in warmer climates, your blood vessels dilate to better regulate your body’s temperature. This can cause your fingers and toes to swell and grow puffier than usual. Wait and see if your body adapts to the warm weather before committing to a resizing.

5. Air travel:

While the swelling caused by flying is more commonly associated with feet rather than hands, it can - and does - affect your fingers. A combination of low cabin pressure, dry air and sitting stationary for hours on end can disrupt your body’s blood flow and result in swelling of the fingers. Don’t fret - you’ll be back to wearing your silver and gold rings a few days after landing.

6. Natural changes in the body:

The shape of our fingers (and other body parts, too!) change naturally as we get older, and you may find long-worn rings become impossible to remove. If you have a stubborn engagement ring that won’t come off no matter what, come into our studio and we can help you (gently!) cut it off.
There you have it, the strange mystery of suddenly poor-fitting rings solved! Get in touch with us today for all your ring resizing needs and enjoy the personal touch comes with dealing with an artisan jewellery studio on Auckland’s North Shore.