5 places you should never wear your silver jewellery

Silver is pretty durable as far as precious metals go, but that certainly doesn’t mean it’s bulletproof. In fact, sterling silver jewellery has some unique vulnerabilities that make it particularly susceptible to damage and discolouration in certain environments.

Keep your beautiful pieces sparkling for years to come by never wearing your silver jewellery in these five places:

1. Swimming pools and hot tubs

don't wear silver jewellery in the pool

A dip in the pool is the perfect way to cool off in the balmy New Zealand summer - just remember to remove your silver before diving in. The chlorine found in most swimming pools and hot tubs around the country has a strong reaction when it comes into contact with silver, and will leave your jewellery black and discoloured. While a polishing cloth and a lot of elbow grease can usually reverse the effects, save yourself the bother and ditch the silver before getting in the pool.

2. The gym

We generally advise against wearing jewellery of any kind when hitting the gym. In this hazardous playground of intricate machines and heavy weights, it’s all too easy to catch a ring or earring on something, and injure yourself or damage your jewellery in the process.

The gym poses an additional risk to your silver jewellery: your sweat. Yes, the salt content of your perspiration can actually tarnish and corrode some silver jewellery.

3. Sulphur hot springs

Many of New Zealand’s famed natural hot springs contain traces of dissolved substances such as salt and sulphur. The latter is like kryptonite to silver, and wearing your jewellery into sulphur hot springs will quickly leave it unrecognisably tarnished.

4. The cleaning cupboard

Need a good excuse to procrastinate over the cleaning? Many heavy-duty household cleaning products (we’re looking at you in particular, bleach!) contain chlorine and other harsh chemicals, which can discolour your jewellery and potentially even damage very fine finishes. In the interests of protecting your precious silver jewellery, play it safe and encourage your significant other to handle the cleaning duties for now ;).

5. The beach

The salty sea breeze that is oh so refreshing in the summer months can tarnish your silver rings, while the sand and ocean make for impossibly good hiding places for any jewellery that happens to come loose on your adventures. Play it safe and leave your silver jewellery at home when heading to the beach this summer.

Of course, no matter how much care you take with your jewellery, your pieces will inevitably lose some of their lustre over time. The good news is that a professional jewellery clean from your local North Shore jeweller can put that glimmer back into all your favourite pieces and have them as bright and sparkling as the day you got them. Get in touch with us today to book an appointment.