Caring for your Jewellery

Is your silver jewellery looking a bit drab and lack-lustre?
Use a silver jewellery polishing cloth to bring back the shine!

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Follow these simple tips to have your silver jewellery shining like new:

During the hot humid summer months when wearing sunscreen or a tinted foundation with sunscreen our jewellery can pay the price as it picks up the oils not only from our, at times, over heated bodies, but also from the use of these products.

It is a great idea after wearing silver jewellery on a hot summers day to be extra diligent to give it a thorough wipe over before storing it away. It is also a good idea to store your silver jewellery in a cool dark place as the humidity can cause tarnishing to occur. Do remember though that if this happens it is reversible - simply follow the steps below to have your jewellery gleaming.

Over 70% of women suit sterling silver, you can have a lot of fun updating and changing your look by adding a few stunning pieces of silver jewellery – and without breaking the bank.

How does one care for these exquisite pieces – you will be pleased to learn that the care and cleaning of sterling silver jewellery is very simple.

We have handy hints and easy to follow instructions on the following:
How to store sterling silver jewellery
How to clean sterling silver jewellery
How to clean gemstone jewellery
How to keep your SilverStone Jewellery looking new and lasting for years
Storing sterling silver jewellery

Sterling silver loves to be worn and you love to wear it.
And you always want it to look its best.
Just like hanging up your special party dress or corporate suit, it is also important to store your silver jewellery properly to keep it looking its best and ready to wear.

If silver is left lying around it will tarnish (oxidise) - I know this is a shame as it is nice to have your silver jewellery out on display but if you are not wearing your jewellery it is important to store it correctly.

Oxidisation is an entirely natural process that happens when silver is exposed to oxygen and can spoil the look of your jewellery very quickly. The good news is that this is not permanent!

Sterling silver can be cleaned very easily and brought back to the same sparkling state it was in when new.

Apart from discolouring, jewellery stored incorrectly can cause scratching so we recommend always storing each piece of jewellery in separate bags of paper, silk, or velvet or use zip up plastic bags that stop air from getting in.

The jewellery pouch or box that you receive with your purchase from us is ideal.

Another option is to purchase a plastic box with multiple compartments (hobby boxes are excellent for this purpose) and store each pair of earrings etc separately – this has the added advantage of being able to find a particular pair of earrings or ring at a glance!

Gemstones can vary in durability or hardness so storing them next to each other may cause scratching to either the silver or the stones.

It is better to store your jewellery in a drawer in your bedroom where the temperature is likely to remain constant – although gems are reasonably durable, extreme temperature changes has been known to cause cracking.

Also many coloured gemstones may fade or discolour while in the sunlight, so that’s another reason to store them away in the pouches and inside your drawer while not wearing them.

In a nutshell - when you take it off put it away!
Cleaning sterling silver jewellery - 10 ways to keep your silver jewellery looking fabulous!
  1. Always use a 100% soft cotton cloth for cleaning your jewellery – a silver cleaning cloth is perfect - available from our website.
  2. Ideally, after wearing, you should give your jewellery a light rub with yourcloth and then store away correctly - however, given today’s busy lifestyle that doesn’t always happen.
  3. The cloth will become blackened but don't wash it as it is impregnated with special silver cleaning properties nd these will wash away - the cloth stills works really well even if it becomes quite black.
  4. Take care using silver dips, sprays and cleansers - these should be used on silver only - NEVER on jewellery set with gemstones or shells. Be cautious with silver dips - only use occasionally as over a period of time they can cause weakness in silver – follow the instructions carefully.
  5. If jewellery has an antiqued look to it – i.e. not 100% polished and shined silver dip and polish should never be used as this will strip the silver and change the appearance completely. If ion any doubt please seek our advice.
  6. Using a silver jewellery polishing cloth gently remove any excess dirt, make up, sunscreen etc. Silver is a soft metal and can be scratched so don’t be too vigorous.
  7. Usually this process alone will be enough to bring the shine back to your jewellery. If more intense cleaning is required you can use a very soft toothbrush (a babies toothbrush is ideal) and a very gentle liquid detergent (mixed in ½ cup of water) to gently brush the jewellery and then use the cloth to complete the polishing.
  8. Don’t ever be tempted to use paper tissue as wood based products contain fine fibres which can cause scratching.
  9. When you are not wearing your jewellery, don't leave lying it on your dressing table - tempting though it is to leave your jewelelry on display, this causes the oxidisation process to speed up.
  10. If you are wearing suncream or perfume, allow time for these to be absorbed into your skin before putting on your jewellery.

Cleaning gemstone jewellery

Due to the delicate nature of gemstones, jewellery set with gemstones has its own special requirements for cleaning.

Certain gemstones are soft and porous – such as pearls, coral and amber – and these stones should never be soaked in water, they should simply be wiped over with a moist 100% cotton cloth.

Other gemstone jewellery will benefit from gently cleaning using a very gentle liquid detergent (mixed with ½ cup water), then dried thoroughly before storing away.

Always consult a professional jeweller when you have a question or are unsure about cleaning gems or jewellery. We are always happy to give FREE advice.

Wearing your jewellery on a regular basis will ensure that it maintains its shine and will keep tarnishing and cleaning down to a minimum.

If your jewellery becomes very scratched you should always seek professional advice and assistance. It takes much skill and the use of the correct tools to achieve the brilliance appearance of sterling silver, scratches can diminish the sheen, so it is better to avoid this happening by storing your jewellery correctly.

Baking soda and toothpaste - a word of caution.

A lot of people are drawn to using these home natural remedies for cleaning and polishing their jewellery.

There seems to be a lot of ‘fors’ and ‘againsts’. I have tried both, and found that stubborn spots do indeed disappear, however, I remain cautious to advise using these products as unless you are very careful you can cause scratching and dullness that would then need professional help to fix.
We don’t recommend the use of baking soda or toothpaste but if you do, then use with care and not on any of your jewellery that has stones or shells. The trick with the baking soda is to only use it only silver jewellery that has not stones or shell - just plain silver.

You will need:

Glass bowl, baking soda, tinfoil, almost boiling water, soft cotton cloth, silver jewellery cleaning cloth.
  • place tinfoil in the bottom of the glass bowl
  • add almost boiling water
  • add a couple of teaspoons of baking soda
  • add the silver (no stones/pearls/shells etc)
  • watch the process - quite exciting at this stage - a lot of fizzing!
  • remove the jewellery and dry immediately using the soft cloth
  • finish polishing with the silver jewellery polishing cloth

How to keep your SilverStone Jewellery looking new and lasting for years

Over time your jewellery can start to look a little world weary and dull, there are several things that you can do to minimise this and keep your jewellery looking as gorgeous as the day you received it from us!

• Store your jewellery in a closed bag and clean regularly a light polish after each wear will keep your jewellery shining and prevent the need for further harsher methods of cleaning.
Remember that silver LOVES to be worn so don’t hide your beautiful pieces away but get them out and wear whenever you can!

• Always remove your jewellery if you are doing gardening or housework – a good reason NOT to indulge in those activities if you ask me! But seriously – digging in the garden while wearing a lovely silver ring is not the thing to do. Silver and gemstones can react to household chemicals, so if you are cleaning the oven, scrubbing out the shower, mopping the floors or soaking the wash it is just best to remove your jewellery first – either that or get someone else to do those jobs!

Sterling silver especially doesn’t like harsh products like bleach, ammonia, fingernail polish removers that contain acetone, and turpentine etc and some of these can cause irreparable damage – so beware!

• If you have jewellery with gemstones or shells check regularly to ensure that the settings are not damaged and that there are no loose stones. Seek professional advice if you think there is a loose stone or shell in your jewellery – NEVER attempt to fix at home and especially NEVER use glue!

• Chlorine can also have an adverse effect on silver, gems and shells so it is best to remove your jewellery before swimming or having a spa.

Sulphur is perhaps the worst for causing silver to go black – so if you are going to visit an area that has sulphur hot pools – leave your jewellery at home!

Summary - Handy hints to keep your jewellery looking fabulous!

  • Do use a silver jewellery polishing cloth to polish and shine after each wear.
  • Do store in a jewellery pouch or plastic zip lock bag, or jewellery box.
  • Do not wear while doing housework, gardening or using harsh household chemicals.
  • Do not wear swimming in hot or chlorinated pools, spa pools or at the beach.
  • Do not use silver dip on gemstones and shell jewellery.
  • Do not leave jewellery out on display - the air will cause oxidisation.

Unsure? Contact us.

If you are in any doubt about how to clean your silver jewellery - call us 09 473 5299 or email. We would love to help!