Engagement and wedding: our love story

Lydia and Steve - A Love Story

This is a story of two young people who met by chance, saw something they liked in each other, which grew and developed into genuine affection, and respect, and love for each other.

"Steve and I met three years ago. It all started as a normal sort of day at The National Bank, I was on the reception counter, when Steve and his colleague arrived to do some work at the branch. I insisted they identify themselves and sign in, chiding them in a smiling, jokey way. Three days later Steve was back at the branch again ‘pretending’ to work on his laptop out the back, whilst I was contriving to find all sorts of reasons to go out there: checking the fax machine, sorting out the mail, collecting brochures...

Before leaving for the day Steve finally got up the courage to ask me if I wanted to go for coffee some time, before asking for my phone number and promising to call. The rest they say is history, coffee turned into dinner at the Sky Tower, a long stemmed red rose, and lots of meaningful conversation not to mention getting lost on the way home.

A year and a half later Steve whisked me away for the weekend, a perfect dinner for two looking over Auckland Harbour with the sun setting, when down on one knee he asked me to marry him. He presented me with a ‘fake ring’ so that I would have one to wear whilst getting the one I wanted made for me by SilverStone Jewellery.

Before that I had no idea what style ring I wanted as an engagement ring but when I saw the fake one he gave me knew I wanted one made just like it, with a few tiny modifications as suggested by Alex to make it a more polished ring. The modifications mainly being that it be made in white gold and with a stunning solitaire diamond.

When we came to choosing our wedding bands, we again decided to use SilverStone Jewellery. Lori and Alex had been so helpful in creating the engagement ring we knew they would do a fantastic job on our wedding bands.

white gold wedding band mens diamond wedding ring SSJ

Steve already knew what he wanted, however, Alex was great at the technical side of advising and bringing the elements of the idea Steve already had to create a one off piece – three bands of gold - two yellow, one white unpolished with a small 2mm square diamond inset.

On the other hand, I had no idea what I wanted, and asked Alex for his advice on what would go best with my engagement ring. What Alex created was a white gold channel set ring with 8 tiny diamonds set into it, and a small notch out of the side of the ring so it sat perfect and snug next to the engagement ring – absolutely gorgeous!

It was a real privilege and honour to have Lori, Alex and SilverStone Jewellery create our engagement and wedding rings for us – they even came in a gorgeous rimu box with our names and wedding date on it.

Thank you SilverStone Jewellery for creating rings for us that we will have for a lifetime, and which will remind us forever of our special day."
wedding andEngagement rings Auckland white and yellow gold wedding bands handmade in NZ(a)