Dream ring and remodelling

Jane knew exactly what she wanted for her VERY special milestone birthday. Having collected quite a few pieces from our sterling silver jewellery collection over the years plus had a couple of pieces custom made, she knew exactly who she wanted to custom make this special ring for her. 

"I am a huge fan of SilverStone Jewellery, on a number of levels".

For some years Jane had dreamed of the 'perfect' ring, she knew exactly what she wanted, and now it was time to turn that dream into reality. Jane wanted her handmade diamond ring to be stylish, yet classic, bold, without being too ostentatious. Having across the room sparkle and to be outstandingly beautiful were givens.

It was our honour to be chosen to create this ring of her dreams. We sat with her and chatted about what she wanted the end result to be and what were the most important aspects of the ring.

When it comes to diamonds, size does matter, but it is not everything, you do not want to compromise on quality or colour. Although Jane's original idea was to use 1 carat diamonds for this ring, she quickly realised that to use decent quality diamonds of this size was not possible given her spending budget. Using slightly smaller but better quality diamonds with a white gold setting to enhance the colour and size was a much better option.

Three stone diamond ring SilverStone Jewellery

Jane was set on having three diamonds of equal size, each one representing one of her beloved three daughters. The design she settled on showcased each of the three diamonds at its best. Basket setting allowing for lots of light coming through under the diamonds to give an across the room radiance.

And radiant is what Jane's face was when her gorgeous husband gave her this ring for that very special birthday.

This is not a ring to be tucked away in a drawer and brought out on special occasions, this is an every day ring, although she assures me she takes it off when gardening or doing housework!

Jane is loving her dream ring and receives comments and compliments every day.

We have also been honoured to remodel two gold rings for Jane. The gold came from rings that had been her Grandmothers and Mothers and held a huge amount of sentiment and love, although the rings themselves were not in a style that Jane would wear. She wanted to be able to wear the rings and pay tribute to the stories that the rings carried. We created styles that were much more suited to Jane, classic, simple yet with strength and beauty.

remodeled reset diamond sapphire gold ring SSJ

"SilverStone Jewellery have now made me several gold rings. The first was from scratch, comprising 3 diamonds of fantastic quality, set in a row. Two others were from remodelling gold rings for me that I never wore as they were not really my style. Alex and Lori listened to what I wanted, and then Alex produced masterpieces that I am really proud to wear. They are both so knowledgeable, and this was invaluable in the making of the rings of my dreams, at prices that fitted our budget."