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Book a jewellery party!

Catch up with friends, have loads of fun and earn GREAT discounts off your favourite piece!

Evenings or during the day - Auckland wide



Throughout Auckland our friendly SilverStone Jewellery Consultants will give you and your friends a party to remember!

Our trained consultants will help you find the perfect piece of jewellery, whether you are looking for a piece to wear for a special occasion or one for everyday. We consider your face shape, your body shape and your personal colours - then match the  jewellery to you.

  • Fantastic hostess discounts - get the piece of jewellery you are dreaming of
  • Shop in the comfort of your own home - no parking problems, no crowds
  • Save time - shop and socialise the same time
  • All purchases taken home on the spot - no delivery hassles
  • Experiment with different looks - no time pressures

"But What About Me?" I hear you say.

Of course we love to spoil our hostesses and our way to say thank you for organising a party is to give you discounts from the jewellery you love!

With SilverStone Jewellery you get 10 out 10 x 3....

  • $10 voucher - your reward for booking a party
  • 10% of sales - your guests total spend
  • 10% off purchase (after other discounts deducted) - your reward for hosting the party

Who Should Book A Party?

  • Do your friends love shopping and socialising?

  • Would they love the opportunity to update their wardrobe with stunning sterling silver jewellery?

  • Would you like to have your friends come to your home for a fun evening experimenting with a luxury product while earning generous discounts to spend yourself?

Did you get 3/3? Then call us 09 473 5299 or email

Megan from Greenhithe

"Recently I gathered 15 friends and held a SilverStone Jewellery party at my house. It was such fun. Lori was great. She made it so easy.
She provided the invites, did gorgeous displays and was on hand to answer any questions.
Everyone was encouraged to try on and play with the pieces, not that we needed much encouragement!
Many friends who came just to look, fell in love and went home with something unique in silver, even the traditionally 'gold only' girls."


Could this be the perfect solution to catching up with friends, doing a bit of shopping, updating your wardrobe, buying gifts and having a great night in?

"The price range is a big plus, you don't need to break the bank to have something special. Quite a few of my friends booked parties of their own on the spot.
The incentives are rewarding and I personally received some amazing pearls which I am going to be using for a gift.
Would I recommend it? - Oh yes!
Is it difficult? - Definitely not.
Did we have fun? - Heaps."


We aim to make the evening as easy as possible for you - for once you get to relax and let us take care of you. You get the girls together, we do the rest.

  • We provide beautiful printed invitations for you to give to your friends, plus we send you a customised email invitation to forward onto to your friends and their friends...
  • Our fully trained, experienced consultants will facilitate a wonderful and memorable experience for you. They are able to advise on the latest looks, offer suggestions on jewellery that will suit your lifestyle and budget or find the perfect piece for a special outfit or occasion.
  • You do not need to provide us with anything except a table to display the jewellery on. We have gorgeous black velvet clothes that protect your table while providing a beautiful back drop for the jewellery. 
  • Parties can be booked in the greater Auckland area or north to Warkworth by contacting Lori.

Remind me about the generous discounts - OR WIIFM (What's In It For Me?)

You will receive the special 'triple 10' deal
  • $10 - voucher -  to say thank you when your booking is confirmed
  • 10% - of all sales from your party to spend on jewellery of your choice
  • 10% - discount off of any jewellery you buy (after the above discounts taken off)
There are no delivery hassles for you as all purchases at your party can be taken home there and then - this is something your friends will LOVE - no waiting for their order - they can go home wearing the piece they fell in love with!

Having been to or hosted a party once, I can guarantee you will, like Megan, be back for more.

"How many other SilverStone Jewellery parties have I attended recently?Ssshhh can't tell ...... I am still feeding my husband the line "oh this gorgeous piece, had it for ages!!!!!"
Megan, Greenhithe, Auckland


Contact us to book your night of shopping and fun with our huge range of handmade, sterling silver jewellery - the perfect excuse to get together with your friends and have a great time!