You Are Onto A Winner With Our Range Of Sterling Silver Jewellery

SilverStone Jewellery has a philosophy of giving back to the community through fundraising ventures within New Zealand and through supporting the artisans in the owners home country of Indonesia.

When you buy a piece of SilverStone Jewellery you are helping to support these philosophies. We have been blessed to receive awards recognising our beliefs.

Thank you so much for your support of our business - it means we are able to continue to support local charities and community projects through fundraising, auction donations and sponsorships.
The David Awards.jpg SilverStone Jewellery was a finalist in the inaugural 2008 David Awards in the category Most Socially Responsible Business.

The David Awards recognise the unsung heroes in home and small businesses throughout New Zealand, whose tenacity, courage and ingenuity place them firmly at the forefront of entrepreneurship in this country.

Just as David, an ordinary, unassuming young man, used shrewdness and a simple slingshot to conquer the giant Goliath, so these entrepreneurial Davids often punch well above their weight.

The David Awards seek to honour these heroes in small business.

Home Business New Zealand publishes the popular, multi-award winning HomebizBuzz web site and has been active in supporting home businesses for nearly a decade, they are the driving force behind the awards.

HomebizBuzz provides a wealth of information, support, resources and tools for businesses at the smaller end of the business scale, and has established an active, online, nation-wide community of home-based businesses (and those who have outgrown their home-based beginnings) which provide support, encouragement and inspiration to one another.

Her Business Businesswoman of The Year Awards 2006 - Winner of the Category "Outstanding Business Citizenship"

"What started out as a dream to design and create her own brand of beautifully unique jewellery has taken this mother of three to unimaginable heights. Jewellery has long been a passion for Lori – and, with her husband Alex being a jeweller, this was the obvious choice for a business venture. Thus, SilverStone was born!

Lori and her husband are committed to assisting the community where her husband Alex grew up, Java, Indonesia. Utilising the skills of craftsmen in Java has been wonderfully satisfying for the pair – knowing that as SilverStone continues to grow and become more successful, they can continue to contribute to the struggling economy there by keeping these people employed.

As if this doesn’t demonstrate her integrity enough, SilverStone’s commission-based team of Sales Consultants are all mums who approached Lori after being out of the workforce for some time. After starting the business three years ago with a teenage son and a pair of one-year-old twins in tow, Lori is now able to offer the same opportunity to other women in similar situations.

“Women have different reasons for returning to work - saving for university, paying for private kindergarten and wanting their own money after years at home with the children. Apart from realising their personal goals and dreams, SilverStone is able to offer them the opportunity to acquire a set of skills – in sales, customer service, computers - and the ability to set up and run their own businesses. The personal growth I see in these women is very satisfying to me.”

To build something from nothing except a dream takes tremendous hard work and loads of dedication, but Lori insists it has never quite seemed like work. “For the first time in my life, I have a very strong sense of who I am and where I am going.”"
Reproduced with the permission of Her Business magazine, August 2006.

2007 Westpac Enterprise North Shore Business Excellence Awards - Commendation for Contribution to the Community

SilverStone Jewellery entered these prestigious awards for the first time in 2007 and were delighted to be awarded a Commendation Certificate in the category, North Shore Times Contribution to the Community Award, recognising the high standard of our organisation as judged by the team of independent judges.