Kitchen Table Millionaire: Success Story

Catriona MacLennan's book, Kitchen Table Millionaire,  released in March 2008 is available nationwide at all good bookstores RRP $30. Featuring SilverStone Jewellery as a successful case study of a home run business.

Kitchen Table Millionaire shows you how everyday people have been able to escape the nine to five grind, and earn a comfortable living (or much, much more) doing something they truly love.
This book will equip you with the tools to turn your individual abilities, talents or even hobbies into an unbeatable blueprint for financial freedom. From organising a conducive work space to creating a business plan, employing staff and maintaining a work-life balance, through to advice on the legal, technical and financial implications of setting up a home business.
Lawyer and writer Catriona MacLennan asks a number of New Zealand's top entrepreneurs how they were able to turn their ideas into successful businesses - often literally from their kitchen tables.

Catriona interviewed Lori Trigwell of SilverStone Jewellery for her book and we are very proud and delighted to be included in this fabulous book which needs to be on the bookcase of every home business owner.
The following are excerpts from the book:

Kitchen Table Millionaire : Success Story
Lori Trigwell
SilverStone Jewellery Ltd

"Lori believes that the most important factors to ensure success are a quality product, passion and blind belief. 
"Her vision also involved enabling other women to supply the jewellery, and she now has three working on commission and selling. She plans to expand the number in future"

(If you are based in Auckland and interested in learning more about setting up your own business selling this quality sterling silver jewellery under the SilverStone Jewellery brand, contact Lori )

"She describes herself as a walking advertisement for her business. She is presenting it wherever she goes, so she always wears jewellery"

"Lori says that people running a home enterprise need to have all the technology that they can and should not stint on it. Networking is also very important. Lori belongs to a number of different business groups, such as Her Business and the Auckland Executive Club, and says that they give her access not only to inspirational speakers but also to contacts who can specifically assist her business"

"She and her husband also hope to be able to do more for people in his home town, which is very poor.* She says that doing the manufacturing there provides employment for the locals. Alex is conscious of what a good life he has in New Zealand, and wants to be able to give more back to his community in future. The couple's five-year plan is to set up a manufacturing jewellery area in Alex's village where there are also casting machines, bring together the families working in the business, and provide housing and schools in the same location."

*Alex is from East Java and designs the fabulous jewellery while our talented team in his home town bring the designs.

How to become a Kitchen Table Millionaire - Grow your idea into a profitable home business was published by the Penguin Group (NZ) March 2008.
Copyright Catriona MacLennan, 2008.

The above excerpts are reproduced on the SilverStone Jewellery website with the express permission of the publisher and may not be reproduced in any form without express approval from the publisher.

New Zealand’s small business heroes honoured in 2008 The David Awards


SilverStone Jewellery achieves Highly Commended Title in the Inaugural David Awards

New Zealand’s first hero in small business has been crowned.

Auto Auckland Clinic has taken out the Supreme Award in the 2008 inaugural The David Awards: heroes in small business, as well as category awards for The Most Outstanding Transitional Business, The Most Outstanding Triumph Over Adversity and The Most Socially Responsible Business.

Organiser of The David Awards, Heather Douglas (who is also managing director of, says,
”The judges felt Auckland Auto Clinic embodies all the characteristics of a David - an ordinary Kiwi business, doing extraordinary things. From tiny, tough and sometimes very insecure beginnings, it has transformed into a business which is thriving in spite of its highly competitive environment, and is gaining incredible recognition from customers and within its own industry, and shows exceptional commitment from its staff. Continual innovation is a hallmark of this business, which also gives back to the community. Run literally on the smell of an oily rag in the beginning, Auckland Auto Clinic is a shining example of a typical kiwi business which has risen above its peers through sheer tenacity, courage and determination.”

Drawing a strong field of just under 90 entries in its first year, The David Awards recognise the unsung heroes in home and small businesses throughout New Zealand, the “Davids” whose tenacity, courage and ingenuity place them firmly at the forefront of entrepreneurship in this country.

The judges of this year’s event were blown away at the diversity and innovativeness of the businesses and the quality of the entries, from single-person home-based businesses to ones on the edge of bursting onto the global scene.


A business which gives back to its community, e.g. local, regional or industry sector, in ways, shapes or forms which benefit the community significantly. This is an important category for The David Awards as we believe it’s not just about winning, but contributing positively to society and the community which makes a business successful

Winner: Auckland Auto Clinic

Highly Commended: SilverStone Jewellery

A full list of finalists including contact details can be found at